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  1.  "sm_vomitplayer": Vomits the desired player (Usage: sm_vomitplayer <#userid|name>) | Example: !vomitplayer @me
    - "sm_incapplayer": Incapacitates a survivor or tank (Usage: sm_incapplayer <#userid|name> | Example: !incapplayer @me)
    - "sm_speedplayer": Set a player's speed (Usage: sm_speedplayer <#userid|name> <value>) | Example: !speedplayer @me 1.5
    - "sm_sethpplayer": Set a player's health (Usage: sm_sethpplayer <#userid|name> <amount>) | Example: !sethpplayer @me 50
    - "sm_colorplayer": Set a player's model color (Usage: sm_colorplayer <#userid|name> <R G B A>) | Example: !colorplayer @me "24 34 38 0"
    - "sm_setexplosion": Creates an explosion on your feet or where you are looking at (Usage: sm_setexplosion <position |cursor>) | Example: !setexplosion position
    - "sm_sizeplayer": Resize a player's model scale (Usage: sm_sizeplayer <#userid|name> <value>) | Example: !sizeplayer @me 0.1
    - "sm_norescue": Forces the rescue vehicle to leave | Example: !norescue
    - "sm_dontrush": Forces a player to re-appear in the starting safe zone (Usage: sm_dontrush <#userid|name>) | Example: !dontrush RusherName
    - "sm_changehp": Will switch a player's health between temporal or permanent (Usage: sm_changehp <#userid|name> <perm|temp>) | Example: !changehp @me perm
    - "sm_airstrike": Will send an airstrike attack to the target (Usage: sm_airstrike <#userid|name>) | Example: !airstrike @me
    - "sm_gnomerain": Will rain gnomes within your position | Example: !gnomerain
    - "sm_gnomewipe": Will delete all the gnomes in the map | Example: !gnomewipe
    - "sm_godmode": Will activate or deactivate godmode from player (Usage: sm_godmode <#userid|name>) | Example: !godmode @me
    - "sm_l4drain": Will rain left 4 dead 1 survivors | Example: !l4drain
    - "sm_colortarget": Will change the color of the aiming target entity (Usage: sm_colortarget <R G B A>) | Example: !colortarget "43 55 255 179"
    - "sm_sizetarget": Will re-size the aiming target entity (Usage: sm_sizetarget <value>) | Example: !sizetarget 5.0
    - "sm_shakeplayer": Will shake a player screen during the desired amount of time (Usage: sm_shake <#userid|name> <duration>) | Example: !shakeplayer @me 5
    - "sm_charge": Will launch a survivor far away (Usage: sm_charge <#userid|name>) | Example: !charge Coach
    - "sm_weaponrain": Will rain the specified weapon (Usage: sm_weaponrain <weapon name>) | Example: !weaponrain adrenaline
    - "sm_cmdplayer": Will control a player's console (Usage: sm_cmdplayer <#userid|name> <command>) | Example: !cmdplayer PlayerName "+forward"
    - "sm_bleedplayer": Will force a player to bleed (Usage: sm_bleedplayer <#userid|name> <duration>) | Example: !bleedplayer @me 7
    - "sm_hinttext": Prints an instructor hint to all players (Usage: sm_hinttext <hint>) | Example: !hinttext "This is a hint text message"
    - "sm_cheat": Bypass any command and executes it (Usage: sm_cheat <command> <arguments>*) | Example: !cheat z_spawn "tank auto"
    - "sm_wipeentity": Wipe all entities with the given classname (Usage: !wipeentity <classname>) | Example: !wipeentity infected
    - "sm_setmodel": Sets a player's model relative to the models folder (Usage: sm_setmodel <#userid|name> <model>) | Example: !setmodel @me models/props_interiors/table_bedside.mdl
    - "sm_setmodelentity": Sets all entities model that match the given classname (Usage: sm_setmodelentity <classname> <model>) | Example: !setmodelentity infected models/props_interiors/table_bedside.mdl
    - "sm_createparticle": Creates a particle with the option to parent it (Usage: sm_createparticle <#userid|name> <particle> <parent: yes|no> <duration> Example: !createparticle @me ParticleName no 5
    - "sm_ignite": Ignites a survivor player (Usage: sm_ignite <#userid|name> <duration>) | Example: !ignite @me 4
    - "sm_teleport": Teleports a player to your cursor position (Usage: sm_teleport <#userid|name>) | Example: !teleport Coach
    - "sm_teleportent": Teleports all entities with the given classname to your cursor position (Usage: sm_teleportent <classname>) | Example: !teleportent weapon_adrenaline
    - "sm_rcheat": Bypass any command and executes it on the server console (Usage: sm_rcheat <command>) | Example: !rcheat director_stop
    - "sm_scanmodel": Scans the model of an aiming entity, if possible | Example: !scanmodel
    - "sm_grabentity": Grabs an aiming entity, if possible | Example: !grabentity
    - "sm_acidspill": Spawns a spitter's acid spill on your the desired player (Usage: sm_acidspill <#userid|name>) | Example: !acidspill @me
    - "sm_adren": Gives a player the adrenaline effect (Usage: sm_adren <#userid|name>) | Example: !adren Nick
    - "sm_temphp": Sets a player temporary health into the desired value (Usage: sm_temphp <#userid|name> <amount>) | Example: !temphp Rochelle 50
    - "sm_revive": Revives an incapacitated player (Usage: sm_revive <#userid|name>) | Example: !revive Coach
    - "sm_oldmovie": Sets a player into black and white (Usage: sm_oldmovie <#userid|name>) | Example: !oldmovie @me
    - "sm_panic": Forces a panic event, ignoring the director | Example: !panic
    - "sm_shove": Shoves a player (Usage: sm_shove <#userid|name>) | Example: !shove @all


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