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The PGL Antwerp 2022 Major

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The first Major Championship of 2022 will be hosted by PGL in Antwerp, Belgium, and will be held in the massive Antwerps Sportpaleis arena!

Viewers at home can tune in to the 4k broadcast of the Major from May 9-22, while those attending in person can pick up tickets for the playoffs, which will be held May 19-22.

More information about the main event, tickets, and the RMR qualifying events will be available soon.

Major Rulebook

All tournaments rely on a rulebook. For the Majors, the rulebook is written by the tournament organizer, with additional ‘supplementary’ rules provided directly by Valve. Those supplemental rules have evolved over time, and have not always been easy for fans or tournament organizers to find.

To reduce confusion over those supplemental rules, we have compiled our requirements into a public document that can be viewed here:

Supplemental Major Rulebook

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