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Scope Level Adjust Версия для SourceMod 1.8

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About This File

Плагин позволяет используя клавишу «вперед» и «назад», настроить уровень прицела. Проверено на L4D и L4D2.

  • Экспериментально: используйте колесики мыши для регулировки уровня прицела без привязки клавиш




// max fov zoom level, greater mean see nearer
// higher than 90 will cause 'ultra wide angle' and view can throuth the wall
scope_level_max "89"

// min fov zoom level, less mean see farer, dont suggest less than 1
scope_level_min "1"

// zoom animating step, 5=linear fov but weird animating
// -20=calc to linear scope level by 20%
scope_level_step "-33"

// key to decrease level 16=Back(s), 0=disabled
scope_level_dec "16"

// key to increase level 8=Forward(w) 0=disabled 32=Use(e)
scope_level_inc "8"

// hold key to adjust level, negative is reverse logic
// 131072=most hold shift -131072=if not hold shift key
// see more key on /include/entity_prop_stocks.inc
scope_level_hold "0"

// when zoom level reached bound value, reset level to cause loop
scope_level_loop "0"

// key to cancel zoom level 2048=shove 8192=reload 1=attack 2=jump
scope_level_cancel "10242"

// does enable fake scope on all non-scopable weapon 0=disabled 40=enabled with 40 initial fov
scope_level_fake "40"

// weapon list of fake scope feature, separate by comma, no spaces
scope_level_fake_list "weapon_rifle,weapon_rifle_m60,weapon_rifle_ak47,weapon_smg,weapon_smg_silenced,weapon_smg_mp5"

// add extra zoom sound when open zoom, to fix vanilla game only play on cancel zoom
scope_level_sound "1"

// announce types 0=dont announce 1=center 2=chat 4=hint. add numbers together you want
scope_level_announce "2"

// expermental feature, speculate mouse wheels to adjust scope level,
// prevent weapon switch, 1=enabled if speculation failed increase level
// 2=same as 1 but decrease 0=disabled
scope_level_wheels "1" 


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